First AUD trade tonight

Just made my first sale of BTC for AUD. It was only tiny at 0.025 BTC but it was the first AUD trade in a month so I feel happy about it. The cash was in my bank within 3 hours so the trade was very fast.

[insert big smiley face here]


Just sold 0.5 BTC for AUD. I was totally surprised because I had been starting up and shutting down Bitsquare all day while doing work on the code.

tip. dont update bitsquare until trade finishes :slight_smile:

I haven’t shut it down since … :wink:

Updates should not break anything, though to do a backup before update is never a mistake…

Yes, do make regular backups. This is a great idea.

It seems I’m filling a missing niche here. I bought AU$2500 of BTC at the end of last week and it’s all gone.

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