First buy with a bank account

Hi. I`ve just registered and I want to buy some LTC.
To do that I click Create offer to buy LTC and the system asks me for a deposit, which I apparently cannot provide, as I`ve just begun trading. What do I do?

Open an account somewhere else (ex localbitcoins or big legit trader) then transfer to your bisq so that you can start trading!

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Just to be clear, the app asks you for deposit in your base currency, which is probably BTC.
So if you don’t own any BTC you will need some first for the security deposit.

A little difficult to figure out. I would like to just buy bitcoin. I have a bank account. Are you saying that I have to open some other account on an exchange in order to buy bitcoin on Bisq? Or is this just for a first time buy? Can I load in funds from an internet transfer and then buy?

Thank you.

Well, it depends. The point is that you need some bitcoins in order to trade on Bisq, even if you are just buying bitcoins. You can’t just go to Bisq and buy with fiat, for every trade you need to have some BTC that will be returned to you after the trade. So if you don’t have any bitcoins yet and want to trade on Bisq, you will need to buy them from some other exchange first or ask someone to lend you or something like that.