First experiment to test = Failure


I try to buy altcoin with BTC. Trade fail because buyer completely forgot to connect himself to finalize it. A dispute was opened and support come resolve it (so fast, so nice). The choice was to continue the trade or stop it. I choose to continue.
3 days later, dispute was closed because buyer never answer to Bisq support. So I get the security deposit.
BUT I sent 0.0015 (trade & fees) and 0.0068 (security)…

I just loose 0.0015+0.0068=0.0083, and get refund with 0.005… is it the normal process ? I’ll never come back if it was so risky and easy to lost money.

Hi @Llortez, I believe the trade in question may have been one that I arbitrated. Please respond with the trade ID so we can be sure.

In any case, you should not have lost your 0.0068 security deposit, or the amount of BTC that was being traded. The only thing you would have lost in the process of cancellation is the Bisq trading fee and Bitcoin mining fee you paid when originally making or taking the offer to sell. The 0.005 BTC you were awarded was from the buyer’s security deposit, and should more than cover your trading and mining fees. All the other funds should have been returned to you and should now be available in your Bisq wallet.

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If it’s you like I said before, it was so nice to have someone 1h after open a dispute. So reactive.
The offer ID is DTTVFEWH-efb356ad-7d0e-4f62-aa77-e83583a368a8-063

Yes, it was me.

I show that you were the maker in this trade, and that in your maker fee transaction, you paid 0.0002 BTC as a Bisq trading fees and 0.0008 BTC as a Bitcoin mining fee. That’s 0.001 BTC total in fees for this trade.

You also put up 0.003 BTC as a security deposit, and the amount of BTC being traded was 0.001 BTC.

When this trade was cancelled, you were paid out a total of 0.005 BTC. This amount included the 0.001 BTC being traded, the 0.003 BTC you put up as a security deposit and the 0.001 BTC that the buyer put up as a security deposit. The buyer’s 0.001 BTC security deposit equals exactly the 0.001 BTC that you paid in Bisq trading and Bitcoin mining fees, so you came out even in BTC after this trade was cancelled.

Ok it’s more clear for me… It’s true that little transaction is clearly not optimal with BTC fee. Thanks for the answer !

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You bet, cheers!