First Grin trade, user doesn't have wallet open to accept my send

I’ve been engaged in a trade, where I am selling grin to a buyer that had an offer on the bisq exchange. I accepted the offer and went through the process of starting the trade. I am currently at the point where I need to send the grin, but the buyer does not have his grin “listener” open so I am unable to send the grin.

As grin requires the receiver to have his wallet in “listener” mode, I don’t know what to do here. I can’t contact him as far as I know. Any suggestions?

I’ve opened a dispute as theres still time to finish this trade. Approximately 13 hours as of right now.
Hoping I can make my first bisq trade go through with minimal effort, but I’m at a lost with what to do now.

I believe you’ll have to GRIN and bear it. :grin:

Give the trader some time to figure their side of the trade. After the trade time expires you should open a dispute and the arbitrator can facilitate the trade for you.

It’s a new protocol. No problem. Don’t worry be happy. Smile and GRIN :grinning:

Just explain your situation to the arbitrator in the dispute ticket.

Once you opened a dispute, there’s no more timer running for the trade completion, aka it won’t expire anymore.

The solution for your problem has to be individually worked out through the dispute ticket.

@shiggidy ,
since you opened a dispute, you’ll very probably (if not already done) be contacted by an arbitrator.

If it is not the case, please tell us here.

I did open a dispute… Right after posting this. So I explained to the arbitrator that the buyer of Grin didn’t have his wallet open. The arbitrator responded that he would tell him. At this point in time there were about 13 hours left on the timer. Now the timer has expired and I have not heard from the arbitrator again.

No idea what to do except wait I guess?

Btw I also showed screenshots about 6 different times throughout the day of me trying to send the agreed upon coins and the error popping up which states that the listener on the buyers wallet was not ready to receive.

I have screenshots of this and I posted it to the support chat. I’m kind of at a loss and kinda sad that this is my first experience with bisq.

What happens if the buyer doesnt respond or does not comply? Currently my staked btc is locked up… when do I get to free it? Is there any punishment for the buyer?

The price of grin has decreased almost in half from the point at which we agreed and now I think he may not want to go through with the trade since he would essentially be paying double, but I held these coins with the expectation that I was going to be selling it to him at the agreed upon price.


I cannot answer in place of the arbitrator, but from what you tell, the counterparty seems at fault here.
So you’ll probably not be punished in any way, and the counterparty is at great risk of losing it’s deposit in your favor.
This is the best which is doable with Bisq, and those rules are known before entering in a trade.
(but I repeat I’m not the arbitrator).

GRIN is a very young altcoin (launched just 3 days ago).
Many many things have to be improved.
Especially the users have also only few experience about proper usage,
so if we want to trade GRIN we must be indulgent on those beginnings.
(… or either trade other better established altcoins.)

Looks like it was my fault!! Sorry guys!

Apparently with wallet713, in order to send, you need to put your own wallet in “listen” mode. In case someone else is having this issue.

Don’t forget to put your wallet in listen mode before sending. Their error made it seem like it was the receiver that would need to be in “listen” mode, which is also true, but they didn’t state in the error that the sender ALSO needed to be in listen mode.

All is resolved, just sent the coins with a screenshot and notified the arbitrator. Waiting on his response now.

Thanks again guys!

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