First Sale, Zelle Name don’t Match the Bisq Account


I am on my first sale, getting rid of some btc via my chase bank account.

the name of the buyer i received through zelle app from my bank is a completely different than the name on the bank account shown on my bisq platform.

Is this indication of me being scammed? it’s a zelle payment, i am the seller, and the buyer’s zelle name in bisq don’t match the zelle name which sent me the money.

I don’t want to hold up the buyers funds, what should i do? dispute this?

The buyer is supposed to have the same name matching the account information. The buyer is wrong for that.

But, if you received the funds, I would go ahead and confirm payment as received but I would also take screenshots and save any important details just in case you need to prove anything.

This is just what I would do personally. I can’t say if this is ideal or not.

Anyone think i should send zelle payment back to buyer?

The payment updated in my bank account balance, but still show that the quickpay payment is pending in my banks app…

further more, the bank account look like a regular name, but the bisq name appears as a foreign male name… i don’t think this says much, but just something i noticed.

can a scammer reverse zelle payments easily? this guy or girl only have 1 or two transaction using bisq, like me.

I would communicate with your trade partner and ask why their names are different.

I think zelle payments do have chargeback risk, so you might want to hold onto the payment to see if it settles after the weekend.

I would wait to see if they respond to your message and see what they say before you open a dispute.

I think you have a chance to win some of his security deposit because they didn’t adhere to the trading protocol by keeping names consistent.

Don’t release the BTC, start mediation as soon as possible (even before the trading window finishes). BTC buyer probably will be penalized for not having a matcing account.