First test purchase of BTC (EUR:SEPA) placed but Order Book is empty?

I just placed my first order for BTC, and for a while it was showing up in the orderbook, but now it’s not. As far as I can tell it hasn’t been accepted. In fact, when I look at the Markets section for EUR, there are no Buy offers listed, and just 1 sell offer. And the visual but/sell graph is completely blank.

If I switch over to the Sell section, I do see my order listed, with the “Remove” button. But for some reason for all 4 orders listed the 1st column (Price in EUR for 1 BTC) and 3rd column (EUR min - max) are showing “N/A”

Within the Portfolio section, and My Open Offers tab, I see my order listed. But again, price is listed as N/A and the EUR min - max column is blank.

And similarly when I open the order detail dialog window, those same fields are blank.

The offer ID is: nunuh-9631ef91-c639-4342-8e84-3823d3f7464a-064

Since this is my first time using Bisq to buy, it’s quite possible I did something wrong, but I can’t imagine what. Seems like during the work flow the order was accepted. So why certain fields are now blank is a bit of a mystery to me.

And help would be appreciated!

Edit: It shows I am connected to 9 peers. I’m running v0.6.4

Hi. I also have SEPA. but i am not can see your ofert…

I am not sure why this is displaying instead of price. Maybe @ManfredKarrer can help us with this.

Have you tried restarting your app?

I did restart, yes. And got the same results.

However, this morning I just tried again – from a different internet connection – and now buys/sells are showing up correctly again. Strange.

The Tor network is under heavy load/attack since a few months. That can cause connection issues. A restart gives you a new Tor route and chances are good that the connection is better then.

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Understood. Thanks for clarifying.

Now that I’m seeing orders on both the bid/ask. Is there any way to take an offer without losing the maker fee? For example I have a 0.05 buy order on the BTC/EUR book at a 6.75% markup. I see on the sell side someone willing to sell between 0.05 - 0.125 at 5.98% markup. It would seem like the two of us should be able to make a trade, unless I’m missing something.

I was going to try and remove my buy order and then take a portion of that persons offer and buy at their 5.98% markup. But then I was told I’d lose my maker fee if I remove my order. :frowning:

Sure would be nice to be able to “move” my maker fee over to accepting another persons offer. Especially considering my order has been sitting there for a few days and I’m eager to try out my first successful Bisq BTC purchase! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you can’t do this. This is just how the protocol works.
Optimally users wouldn’t make offers if there was already an offer they would like to take.

I see. Do you know – based on your knowledge of the protocol – if it would be possible to steer users into a more optimal experience in this regard?

For example, if I am entering a buy order, before adding it to the order book it could do a lookup first and offer suggestions such as:

  1. Better Offer Detection: You are about to place a buy-order for 6% above spot, however there is a sell order at only 5% above spot, would you like to accept this offer?
  2. Quick Match Suggestion: You are about to place a buy-order for 6% above spot, there is a sell order available at 8% above spot, would you like to increase your offer for a quick match?

I would assume the protocol must know of existing orders on the network, so it would seem like this would be doable. But I’m just getting started with Bisq so still learning! :slight_smile:

Yes, this should be possible, as far as I know. It is very possible that developers just put their focus on other much needed Bisq features first.

Cool. Totally makes sense, I’m sure there is a long laundry list of things they want to accomplish!