First Trade. Is there a problem?

EDIT: Just found my problem in another post. Will only return to this if I find a difference in the problems. It looks identical though.

Attempted my first trade to buy BTC with $CAD this morning. It’s been 7 hours in the trade process, “Wait for blockchain confirmation”. My attempt to learn about this process has me thinking the trader did not put their required amounts of BTC into the multisig wallet, and nothing will come of this transaction.

I believe I see a new identical transaction to the one we attempted this morning posted already (Its the only one currently in the BTC/CAD market.) My concern is about my BTC in the “locked” state though. If this transaction is a failure, what is the process to recover my locked funds?

Let me know if there is any information I can share to help you help me.

Thanks community!

You should check if the deposit transaction has been published on the Bitcoin network using a block explorer.

There is no need to worry about the locked funds, as if the deposit transaction didn’t take place, they can not be locked in a multisig.

When I click on the “Deposit transaction ID” it leads to a page saying:

Your search did not match any records, please change the keywords and try again.

Does that mean it never posted? If it didn’t post, I still see that I have 0.01 BTC in the Locked in Trade status. My question then becomes…do I really have 0.01 BTC locked up? or is it a UI issue?

To follow up with that, the “Maker fee transaction ID” also shows no entry when searched for. Is the problem that the maker did not send an initial BTC amount to start the trade?

I am not sure what page does clicking on it leads to, but as far as I can see this transaction was never broadcasted to the Bitcoin network so your funds should be still in your wallet.

You should be able to access them by pressing cmd+e.

I will try that. And the links all go to

When I look up the “Taker fee transaction ID” (Which I believe is mine), it leads to this page:

And like mentioned above, the other transaction id’s lead to nothing.

Before I try what you have proposed…Does the following picture suggest that the multisig transaction didn’t get confirmed?

Sorry for my questions, I very much appreciate you taking the time! I am passionate about this technology and really want it to succeed. (I do not want to lose 0.01 BTC while trying to learn how it functions however).

Hello name1 ,
Alexej suggested you to check if the deposit transaction has been published on the Bitcoin network using a block explorer … did you do that ?
(It’s often suggested to use 2 explorers if one doesn’t return info.)

You can also delete the SPV chain file in the Settings/Network Info and restart Bisq.
If you had sync issues, it may help.

I thought I did, check out my second post above. I checked with bitaps and both do not register the transaction. So I knew that much. My concern is more that the BISQ app still says that I have 0.01 BTC still locked away, even though this transaction seems to have been abandoned. At least that what it looks like to me…first trade and all, sort of learning as I go. :slight_smile:

Did you try to delete the SPV chain file in the Settings/Network Info and restart Bisq ?

Can you click on the trade id under portfolio/open trades and post the maker fee tx id?
it seems like the maker had a problem on his side and likely his maker fee tx was not published. with that the deposit tx cannot be published as well as that would be one of the inputs for it.
if the deposit was not valid then no money has left your wallet. the wallet though still thinks the tx is ok, it will require a spv chain resync (settings/network). but wait a bit longer to be sure and post first the maker fee tx.

I didn’t yet. I was a little scared to do it, because I don’t know what it does, and I was concerned about the 0.01 BTC. Will I still be able to try to recover (If I have indeed currently lost access to it) the funds after trying this SPV thing?

You explained that very well, and I agree that looks exactly what has happened. his deposit didn’t post, and it hung the whole transaction. So, just to be clear…I should do the SPV resync now, or are you suggesting I wait in case the maker does post things? (I don’t think he will, I made the transaction over 12 hours ago, and they have posted the same sell order numerous times over the course of the day.)

SPV or wait?

maker fee txt ID: 0d2c0fcf050a01659b57aab9732d2da2ce65c8db31a208d066ce307c35db88f5

EDIT: The more complete picture:

Deleting SPV chain file can’t hurt your wallet, it will just resync with the network.
Furthermore as long as you have your seed words, your funds will always be safe.

You can go ahead and try deleting SPV chain file or try accessing it with emergency wallet tool by pressing cmd+e;

Thank you to everyone. All funds recovered via the support system. What a learning experience! I guess I still have yet to make my first trade officially! Excited to try again. Thanks again everyone!

I assume you have the failed trade still open. You can open a dispute by clicking cmd+o and tell then the arbitrator the the maker fee was not publishes and so the deposit tx neither. he will close then so you get your UI cleaned up from the failed trade. will not have any effect on the wallet as no funds have left your wallet.