[FIXED in 1.2.1] Account signing doesn't seem to have taken place or been fair

Alright, I read the new docs and did a quick check which one of the current trading peers got their accounts signed.

Turns out, nobody.

I checked all the offers for all the fiat payment methods, for both BUY and SELL sides and nobody got a signed account. Then I re-read the criteria those first accounts were signed and I honestly think you did not include a lot of people. Basically, you signed the accounts of buyers who have probably had the shittiest experiences of all (and I commend that), but because of that, those people aren’t likely to ever return to Bisq.

In addition to that, nothing has been done to the sellers who had the same bottom level of experience. For all my time here at Bisq (I signed up on the 2nd of March, 3 UTC), I had a lot of shitty experiences while being a seller (even one including a chargeback), and I received nothing, which is especially disappointing since I started buying stuff.

But I guess, this is not the concern of arbitrators or DAO, so in the meantime, I’ll have to buy large amounts of BTC somewhere else.

Also, don’t you think that the people who do realise they have signed accounts and all the power that comes with it will intentionally create non-profitable offers (think 50% or more below the market price) just to get others signed accounts?

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Hello, just came here to ask basically the same thing. I’ve started reselling bitcoins on Bisq this month to help popularize the platform in my country. Things have been doing well even though I also had to cope with some bothersome mediation cases (all solved) and I’m pretty happy with the profit so far.

I’d like to get my account signed as soon as possible, but there’s no one in Bisq right now with signing rights (from all countries). How can I do that ?

I just went to the bisq forum to ask/tell the same thing. According to the docs, my account should be signed (older than 60 days, had a dispute as a buyer). But it is not signed.
@goraelec, I actually had a good experience from it: arbitrator was fair and it showed the bisq system works.

So I think something went wrong with the signing process, as I expect to have a signed account. Furthermore, there is nobody right now with signed accounts.

@all the developers: Even though it seems something went wrong with the signing, I sincerely appreciate all the work and thought that went into this update. The signing process seems like a good idea.


It looks like there is an issue with the propagation/persistence of the signed accounts at the moment. We’re working on it.


Thank you for communicating this. I’m sorry for being an arsehole in my OP

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It is a noted flaw on security delivering neither trust or protection to users. Hard to bootstap on new markets/payment methods and so on. See other thread and github.

Signature popped up on mine last night