Flexepin Canada & Australia

BitAccess customers can now purchase bitcoin using a Flexepin
voucher. Available in 6,000 Canadian retail locations, Flexepin can be
bought using cash or a debit card.

Buying a Flexepin Bitcoin voucher is like purchasing a gift card. It
is bought from a store cashier. Once the purchase is made, a voucher is
provided in the form of a receipt. In 60 seconds, the receipt can then
be redeemed for the cash equivalent of bitcoin.

references http://pastebin.com/raw/MZCUXnDA

Sure. But:

  1. It only works in Canada
  2. You get slugged twice. First for the Flexepin voucher, then for the exchange fees and margin at the BTM.
  3. Transactions are limited unless you supply ID.
  4. Do you really want to use a device with a built in camera and fingerprint scanner?

We have shitty methods of getting bitcoin in Australia too. I can buy them at any newsagent if I’m willing to sell my soul to the devil.

Honestly, some of you guys need to grow a brain.

the bitaccess machines i have came across didn’t have built in cameras and didn’t need a fingerprint,phone or id.

coinstash how about contributing some actual positive discussion vs trolling on topics

Please let us stay respectful and friendly even if there is disagreement.

@ateoffofbitcoin How about not opening dozens of topics about alternative payment methods without first doing the basic research. And btw I don’t need to justify my contributions to the project to you.

i have done plenty of research how about not shooting off your chicken chokers before you realize what area i am trying to contribute to