Font size option

Hi everyone,
could it be possible to have a font size option in the software so that we can increase (or decrease) the font size when needed?

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That would break in may places the layout unfortunately, so I fear that is a very expensive feature.

Ah, too bad, this is really something that could prevent me from using it on a long term perspective. I understand the reasons though.
Maybe just allow a small increase, or allow to use another font with thicker characters.
Thanks for the reply anyway.

Which OS are u using? Can u send me a screenshot? On MAc it is pretty good quality but I saw on Linux and Windows that the font somethimes is not very crisp. Will try to find improvements in future releases.

Well, it’s more when my eyes are tired that I wouldn’t stay for too long in front of this.

I’m under Windows (8.1). Resolution 1600x900

Thanks. Will try to get the font issue solved soon. On Mac its much better…