Forgot payment reason

Is the payment reason the short trade ID listed on the left column on the “open trades” tab?

I did two trades and wired the money but forget to add the reason. I actually already send the money before the locked coins where confirmed. So I saw the window popping up telling me “don’t forget to add payment reason” and I then marked that I did it. Now it seems I can’t even go back to what was shown there. Not sure if I remember this correctly but is the payment reason supposed to be just the trade id?

I am thinking of sending 0.1 cents again with the right tradeid. Probably going to do it now before I even get a answer here.

Yeah, that is the payment reason.

You can just open a dispute with cmd+o if you wish, but as long as the other trader confirms the payment, your trade will successfully complete. If he/she doesn’t, just explain your arbitrator the situation.

OK thanks. I actually did nothing so far and just hope they will just confirm it because its the right amount and sender.