Forgot to put "trade ID" on zelle transaction

i accidentally forgot to put the Trade ID on the Zelle payment and i dont know if its a huge deal? I did a deal with this same person 2 days ago so they will recognize the transaction from the same email…can anyone guide me on what to expect? should i cancel the zelle payment and then send immediately again with the correct trade ID instead nothing in the memo section

To give exact advise here is complicated. Mistakes can happen, but they can sometimes hide scam attempts.
I would not remove the current transfer you made, but alert your peer so he doesn’t think you’re doing something suspicious.
Then it’s on seller’s hand to open mediation or accept the transfer as it is, or even remove the first transaction to send it later with correct trade ID.

Soon Trade ID won’t be allowed as a reason for payment so I don’t think mediators should punish you if this goes to mediation.

thank you!