Forum sign-ups might be broken

At least four users have been complaining about not receiving confirmation mails after signing-up. At least one of them tried multiple email addresses.

The mailing service used for the Forum had issues today. It should be resolved already and our webmaster will look into it tomorrow.

Yes, we know. As Manfred said, we have some problems with our mailing service provider.
We are monitoring closely the issue. Please forgive any inconvenience. D

I am the one who tried multiple services :slight_smile: and can confirm that it now works.
Just received email confirmations to all 3 providers I tried.
Namely: protonmail, icloud, gmail.

Thank you again for posting on my behalf when I couldn’t.

Have a nice day.


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hi @filipc, thanks for the feedback, we think everything is working fine now :slight_smile:

We are still working to completely understand the issue.

Please forgive any inconvenience