Full Reversal on Zelle

I want to report a charge back with Zelle. “Full Reversal of Unauthorized Transfer” When I click on the plus sign it says "Details Category: Checks Written

This is a problem. We should contact @ManfredKarrer about this.

@SD86gdns9H I sent you a PM. Please respond ASAP!

Can you provide more info from the bank? Why did they do the chargeback? Was it a stolen bank account?

I blocked the user by onion address and his Zelle account.
If anyone traded with a person with that onion address: c7r6wr4ful5vr3ie
and that Zelle email address: HLMCINC@AOL.COM
please PM me the trade details, specially if he used another account or onion address.
The trade was done on 2nd of june.

Should that be their real email or is it possible to use a fake one? If real, their name and phone number seems to appear via google search. Not sure if relevant or useful.

Crap - any new info on this / why it happened? If chargeback scammers have overtaken Zelle like they seem to have done already with PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp - that really puts Bisq in a tough spot for ease-of-use in the US at least…

I got burned pretty hard by scammers on Bisq via Venmo and CashApp awhile back, and to be honest it’s kept me on the sidelines since then even though my remaining successful payment option here (Zelle) hadn’t been used against me yet. I’ve been nervously watching to see if anyone out there using Zelle gets popped like I did…

If you are going to accept Zelle, ask for ID that matches the sender’s name and a selfie. Be diligent. Don’t just expect your bank to NOT reverse the charges. Get your traders to sign and fill out paperwork that includes the exact details of the sale. Make a process out of it, expect all of your traders to follow it, and don’t compromise your rules. Your crypto is too valuable to let the banks steal it with a reversal.

Cash and crypto are king. Don’t expect your banks to “do the right thing”.

Have fun!

At banks usually u cannot easily tell them to reverse as with Venmo or Cashapp. Seems that case was a stolen bank account scam, but not much info from the banks