Fund your trade, bisq wallet or external wallet

HI guys im following all the steps to make a trade.
But im not sure here,
But when i want to make a trade i get 2 options : use bisq wallet or an external wallet

i have a alt coin adress set up in accounts. Does this count as a external or a bisq wallet ?

so you need bitcoin to get the trade started.
this trade can be funded by the internal bisq bitcoin wallet or an external/separate bitcoin wallet you control.

it may be easier for you to send funds to the internal bisq wallet and fund it that way…
Send enough bitcoin to an address under Funds > Receive Funds.
OR send the exact amount as requested in bisq to the trade wallet address from your external wallet.

altcoin account is not bitcoin, that is the altcoin address your trading partner will send funds to.

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i got bitcoin on the account, so i got that covered.

When making a trade it makes sense in my mind to ask where you pay from and pay to.
So this is where to pay from in BTC, internal wallet or external wallet.

Then there is a address to pay to, got a alt coin wallet setup. But i dont see this address mentioned in the whole trade. That makes me a little bit nervous…first trade dont want to make mistakes ect.
But i guess it will automaticly use this altcoin adres then ?