Funding Bitsquare first time?

I just had a bank and ClearXchange account setup to make transaction, but it says I need to have 0.03 BTC for security in order to do a transaction, but there is no way you can fund your wallet with banks or paypal or cc. I dont have any BTC. That puts me in a chicken-egg situation. The whole reason I installed it and added accounts to buy BTC. If I had other btcs anywhere else that means I was already using other exchanges and wallets. Am I missing something here? If I have to go another exchange to buy BTC in order to fund here, then its not really useful …any thoughts?

Hi! Yes, you do need some bitcoin to start, to make sure bad actors won’t spam the system. I think there’s an option to lend from someone here bitcoin if you need to it get started. trying to find the post about that :slight_smile:


Thanks guys for chiming in. I went ahead and bought about 500$ of btc from gemini as startup. Still debating whats gonna be my signature wallet or weather I need a desktop wallet at all if I use mycellium on my phone? I like the fact here that is it decentralized and I am able to see how many peers are there…

Just the type of information i was looking for!

Biznu Fish