Funds Disappeared

I had a deal fall through a couple weeks ago – my offer was accepted, but “it failed.” I posted a new offer on October 1, willing to pay more than 1.5 percent than market, and nothing happened until October 13. (Usually offers are accepted in a couple days.) So I figured there was something wrong with my account. So I cancelled the offer, and wanted to delete my account and start a new one. So I send my funds (the deposit plus a little extra) to my wallet. But that transaction never took. It cleared out the funds in my Bisq account, but never arrived in my wallet. And under confirmations, instead of a check mark it has a circle of dots, same as the failed transaction below it. Please advise because the funds are no longer in my account.

Hi @otheraccount

Sorry to hear your trade failed.

Happy to help you find your BTC.

Sound like you might need to do an SPV resync and make sure your open offers are cancelled if you want to withdrawal all your funds.

Here is a link to doing an SPV resync:

I would also recommend reaching out on Matrix (Bisq chat) Matrix - Bisq Wiki as it would be easier to help you as the support there is live and we can send you a DM to get any necessary information that you should not post here like your transaction IDs.

Here is a link to Bisq Matrix info: Matrix - Bisq Wiki

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thanks! will try that

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