Funds not deposited in bank

I sold a small amount of Bitcoin to use Bisq for the first time. The transaction remained ‘unconfirmed’ for 3 days, but now shows confirmed. However, the funds have not been deposited in my bank. What do I need to do?

You need to open a dispute when the max trade period runs out. A button will show up once the trade period is over.

This is the transaction. It appears to have completed. I don’t see anywhere to start a dispute.

Ctrl-o or command-o for Mac.

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Yes, but perhaps you should still wait for the trade period to end, as the buyer might send you his fiat payment in the meantime.

How do I know when the trade period has ended?

Well, what is the status of the trade? Go to your Portfolio and click on open trades, do you see your trade there? Click on it if you do.

My portfolio shows no trades-no open, no history. My available balance shows the amount of my trade, but fee has been taken from my balance. Does this mean that only the fee was transferred and the rest of the transaction didn’t occur? If so, it seems I should have the fee refunded to my account

That is pretty weird behavior. Trading fee is quite small and is mostly just mining fees, but you should provide your log file to @cbeams for example so he can investigate the issue and possibly refund you.