Funds not received yet


I sent the address found in “fund my wallet” next the qr code, to my friend.
He said he sent me the btc this morning.
Where should i see them?
I set up two wallets, one to use w bank account and one for f2f
I do not see any BTC anywhere.
I trust my friend so what happened?
How long does it take for btc to show up?
Where do i need to see them in Bisq?
I watched different tutorials but did not see explanations about this stuff
I am, obviously a total newb, so i need help

Also what is the “Salt for account age verification”? What do i need to do with it?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Assuming you don’t have your own Bitcoin Core node, check the address you have to your friend using a block explorer, such as If your friend’s transaction is there, then he certainly sent the funds. If not, then you’ll need to speak with him and find out what happened. Let us know what you find out.

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To find the funds you have, go to Funds - Transactions. But they should already be at “available balance”. Look at a blockchain explorer as @theowl said and after confirming you should have the funds, do a backup and a spv resync.

Funds received!
thanks guys!
it took more than 24 hours, but they arrived

One more question can i use again the same address i used w my friend ?

or i need to create a new one?
or should i keep using that address only to trade with my friend?

You can use the same address again, but it is recommended to use a new one. Using a new one is better for privacy. See here about address reuse: Address reuse - Bitcoin Wiki

To get a new address just go to Funds > Receive Funds
and then select the address at the bottom.

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