Funds sent not shown in balance and trade transfer not shown either

I installed v1.1.2 today after not having used Bisq for 6 months. Wanted to sell some BTC for Euro and tried to transfer 0.1 BTC to fund my Bisq wallet. This transaction now has 17 confirmations but is not shown in Bisq available balance.
Then I tired to sell 0.0099 BTC and tried to transfer the needed 0.015064 BTC (0.0050 BTC security deposit, 0.51% trade fee, 1.15% mining fee), this transaction now has 12 confirmations but Bisq is still “Waiting for funds…”.
Don’t know what to do, please help.

Did you use the same wallet you used 6 months ago? If so, maybe it is still syncing? (~170 minutes should really have been enough time for it to catch up 6 months, though…)

Can you double-check that the output address of the transaction matches the one shown in the trade screen? If they match, you should probably try re-syncing your wallet by clicking Settings -> Network Info -> Delete SPV file and resync.

On the status line at the bottom it says “Connecting to Bitcoin network / Synchronizing DAO” and it also shows “P2P network peers: 12”

“Connecting to Bitcoin network” -> It seems that it can’t get Bitcoin network peers and can’t sync the wallet because of that. What does your Bitcoin network peer list in Settings -> Network Info look like? Also, what’s you setting under Bitcoin Core nodes to connect to?

Aha, I completely forgot I only had set my own Bitcoin Core node as peer there in Bisq settings. (And my node had a full disk, the debug log was 200 GB - but I removed the log and it is now synching blocks, remaining 12000 blocks, have to wait around 5 hours.) When the node is up to date I guess Bisq balance and trade wallet will be OK. I’ll let you know then.

My Bitcoin Core node got up to date and then it took an hour for Bisq to get up to date. Then funds in Bisq got OK and I was able to start three sell-offs of BTC. All OK. What a great logical system Bitcoin and Bisq is. Thank you.

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