Funds still locked after trade timed out

Hello, I have just recently started using Bisq, and unfortunately have messed up my first trade. It has since timed out, and mediation has been contacted. The transaction details are as follows:

Trade Id:


Trading peers address:


Maker fee Tx Id:


Taker fee Tx Id:


Deposit Tx Id:


I’m not really sure where to post this/who to contact to remedy this issue. I apologize if this is in the wrong section or is easily resolved without posting. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Hi, if you have opened mediation wait till the mediator responds. If more than 48h have passed try to reach out to them on Keybase.

Welcome to the bisq community, @BlissfulV2.

For your privacy and that of your trading peer, you should edit your original post to remove your trade IDs and your trading peer’s onion address. These community forums are public, and those are all information that’s best to keep private between you, your trading peer, and the arbitrator (either through mediation or through keybase chat, which is encrypted rather than public).

There’s a lot to learn using bisq and getting help. All the best.