Funds stuck in mempool

Newbie here, tried to transfer bitcoin from external source to my Bisq wallet.
The funds left the source ok but now sitting in mempool as Pkscript invalid.

I tried resyncing my desktop account but it is still trying to connect 10 hours later.

Can anyone help me ake sense of what is going on?

If it’s an invalid tx generated from your external source, there’s not much to do on the Bisq part.

the bisq wallet address is correct

The funds have arrived :smiley:
I also found out why the sync was taking so long, had my bitcoin core node running.

I shut down the node and tried to sync again, completed in minutes, restarted bisq and low and behold funds appeared in balance.
May be advisable to suggest in the resync instructions to close any running nodes, never seen it in the instructions I followed.
All’s well that ends well.

now to see how much panic I can cause myself by trading