Get BCC(BCH) on a different wallet

Hello all

I have been trying to get the BCC after the fork, only got Gold but keep having issues with getting the bitcoin Cash, I have followed all the instructions on this site but no success, any step by step for dummies? that would be much appreciated…


With cmd+j you can see all your private keys (you need to disable wallet password to view the private keys). Those you can import in any other wallet.
Take care there are some scams (Bitcoin Gold) with wallets and it has security and privacy issues if you use those “airdrop” coins.
I personally ignore those airdrop coins because of the privacy issues so I cannot help more here, but other users will likely have some hints.

Thanks Manfred! I followd these:

once getting the private keys I get the same message that there is nothing in this wallet, when there is… it worked on gold, I am using Coinomi. For me is more getting the benefit of those in and transform them into BTC so I can get into exciting new projects I like in the crypto crazyness

thanks for any hints the community might have

After doing some research I see that my Bisq wallet was created on Aug 13th, which makes sense for cash not to be claimed. However, I had a Bitsquare wallet, and the cmd + j option is not returning the private keys. I assume that I could claim that BCC from the Bitsquare wallet? The normal process did not work, which described in many forums. In order to do the alternative process of sweep I need the private keys of the previous wallet, any way to get those? I still have the old app installed in my computer


Well you can’t do nothing with that wallet that was created after the fork. Those addresses were never used on the forked chain.

You would need to have the private keys of the addresses that had bitcoins on them during the fork.
Only those will have forked coins on them

For that you will need a wallet that holds these addresses. So you need to remember where did you have bitcoins on 1st of August and extract the private keys from those wallets.

If you had a Bisq wallet and still have it or it’s seed words, then you can import that in your Bisq app and extract private keys from there.

Hi there, some updates since this has been quite a journey:

  • I have access to my previous bitsquare wallet that had funds when the fork happened
  • Following instructions from Coinomi, I found that my wallet is eligible since it has actual BCH:
  • I used the tool that Coinomi has to recover the private keys from the 12 word passphrase, every single keys shows the same message when sweeping the wallet: No funds found in this key
  • Contacted Coinomi again and got this: Hi Tomas,

Theres 2 ways about it.

1) restore with your phrase in coinomi, then add an altered path BCH wallet (M/44H/0H/0H derivation path) to instantly see your cash.
2) do not restore, just use your existing coinomi installation, and add a new BCH wallet, WITHOUT altering the path, and then sweep the BTC private keys of the addresses that had BTC during the fork, from that BCH wallet in Coinomi.

Both are not working

I will keep trying, just sharing the frustrating process I have followed so far


Going to try this later today:

The frustrating process is caused by those airdrop coins as they interfere with the Bitcoin sphere in ways which are even for experts difficult to understand in all details and to handle. I don’t have time to dive into that and as I have posted at there are considerable risks involved as well.
It is NOT free money. It costs effort for users and developers and has security and privacy costs.

From Bisq side the private key and seed words are easy to access. The coins which have been in the MultiSig in a pending trade at fork time are probably harder to access (require a tx replay) but that should not be relevant for many users as it was a short time period.
A main problem for most users might be to understand if and how many airdrop coins they really had at fork time. Only UTXOs at fork time are airdrop coins. The PR about having all your coins replicated is wrong. Any coins moved afterwards are not airdrop coins.

HI Manfred

thanks a lot for pointing that out, I completely agree with you and after reading the post you made now is even more clear and makes totally sense. Actually if I would valuate the time I have spent dealing with this, I already have loss… I am new to crypto, and slowly learning from the ecosystem, I have to say that this process has been enriching also, at least makes a different profit. For now, I take this as solved and very little time will be invested on these fake coins

Cheers and have a good day


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Hi Thomas,
good thing is that those airdrop coins stay as long as you don’t touch them, so you still can access them later at any time.
Might be that in future there will be better support or services. Also it is not that bad that not all are cashing out and leave the coins to Roger Ver and Jihan Wu and then when they have a large majority they can manipulate the market as they wish.

I wish the wasted time and efforts for those pointless airdrops would be used for something more valuable like privacy or security improvements. But it is part of the attack exposure Bitcoin faces and we need to deal with it. Honey badger getting stronger with each attack attempt. :slight_smile: