Getting rid of Bitcoin mining fees

I don’t explain how you can do it, because probably you know that. Is there a plan to do it?
I mean Bitcoin miner fees when a buyer or seller is paying Bitcoin from the internal wallet. This fee flee users, especially buyers

I don’t see a way to completely remove on-chain fees. Right now these are the transactions involved in a Bisq trade:

  • make offer
  • take offer
  • deposit into escrow
  • payout

Segwit will help reduce the weight of transactions and future new trade protocols may reduce the total number of on-chain transactions. But other than the Lightning Network I don’t see a way to completely remove on-chain transactions.

A Bisq wallet is still hosted on the bitcoin blockchain. So has still miner fees to pay to process transactions.

Using a secure censorship resistance store of value where you are the owner of the coins has its costs. And you don’t want to let anyone store the coins for you, isn’t it?

Of course, segwit and ln, a way of preserving the earlier while reducing costs, should be deployed.