Gibraltar is not included in the SEPA-List - why?

Hello folks ,
i just discovered bisq a few days ago, and still trying to get my feet wet.
I have an offshore structure in place which includes banking in Gibraltar, but i noticed this:
Gibraltar is not included in the SEPA-List - why?

Is there a ‘personal edit’ of this list possible? How to go about it? also, Andorra and San Marino is missing, I hope bisq has a good reason to exclude the dwarf states of Europe, or is it just negligence?


I noticed that other than San Marino, those 2 states are not listed on Wikipedia as well:

And San Marino is not in the EU nor is in the European Free Trade Association according to Wikipedia, so it might just be that they didn’t know about it. And with a relatively small number of users in Bisq and small amount of users using SEPA from those countries, it is likely that you are the first one that noticed and reported it.

I believe there is a good chance that it will be added soon, but we shall see what Manfred says.

Spain, in agreement with the EU, reserves the right to apply in Gibraltar the agreements with UK on the brexit, so that Gibraltar will most likely be outside SEPA, although for the moment it remains inside.

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