Glitch: fixed amount of BTC increased from 0.0624 to 0.0626 after a few edits of the sell BTC offer. Editing is no longer available

Hello everyone,

I have posted an offer to sell 0.0624 BTC and I’ve been editing the deviation from market price from time to time.

I noticed that after one of the edits, the amount increased to 0.0625 BTC, I thought it to be strange at first but didn’t worry too much.

After the last edit, the amount became 0.0626 BTC, and the offer now is impossible to edit (“Confirm: Edit offer” is greyed out).

Is this a known issue or was I doing something wrong? How can I fix the offer and show 0.0624 amount so that everyone with less than 30 days on the platform could take it?

Bisq version 1.0.1
Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

UPD: I noticed that when I enter the first four digits in the “fixed price in EUR for 1 BTC” field and then click outside of the text field, the amount of BTC shifts. Still, the “confirm” button is greyed out and I disabled the offer for the time being. It’s starting to look more and more like a bug to me.

Isn’t that just related to automatic rounding ?
(You get popups about rounding in the appli)


Shouldn’t be, because I’m selling BTC for EUR (the offer is visible in “Buy BTC” section), or am I missing something here? Usually, EUR amount is rounded.

In any case, I can no longer edit the offer, and my main objective is to “reset” it to the initial parameters I set up, (0.0624 BTC, 1% deviation)

Best would be if you opened an issue on Github about it and help developers figure it out.

I think this is the first time I hear of this issue.

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Thanks. Done: