Got two error messages when making trades and lost fees

I made two trades that ended in an error message and lost “Taker and Txfer” fees. Am hesitant to try another trade. Error message attached

"An error occurred when taking the offer.

A timeout occurred.

The taker fee is already paid. In the worst case you have lost the fee. Please try to restart your application and check your network connection to see if you can resolve the issue. Etc."

should I try another transaction.

No, you probably shouldn’t try to take other offers until you have some reason to believe that this issue might not happen again.

Let’s try and figure out what happened. Did you try taking the same offer twice that failed or are those two different offers that you tried to take and both failed?

Can you post onion addresses of the traders or some information about these two offers? That way we can maybe figure out if the problem is somewhere on the other trader’s side and not yours.

PS: As for lost trade fees, you can contact @cbeams and notify him of the issue.

They were different orders within 10 minutes of each other. They may have been with the same person. Since I don’t know who it was, no onion address. The address of fee charge was:
The trade ID is: GRKVTEOX-66c402a2-3804-4eb9-ab6a-efa5b36e0a4c-070

Are those offers still available in the offerbook?

Sorry, don’t know who I orders from. The buy BTC order still on the books could be the wons.

The second order was to ID GRKVTEOX-66c402a2-3804-4eb9-ab6a-efa5b36e0a4c-070, Which was the same ID.

Maybe you should at least restart the app before you attempt any more trades.

I am not sure what could be the issue with this, perhaps some bad connections.
Maybe you can also try deleting the outdated Tor files by going to Settings->Network info->Open Tor settings and clicking the appropriate button at the top.

Is it possible to setup a phony offer for me to test with?

No, not really. It would kind of defeat the purpose of the trading fee in the first place.
Purpose of the trading fee is to stop spams with bad offers.

So, What am I risking by trying an order?

You only risk losing a trading fee. Your security deposit and trading amount should never leave your wallet unless the trade starts successfully.

I just Tried a Trade and it went through.

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