GUI glitches up to v0.6.7

There are some obvious GUI glitches (obvious at least to me) which haven’t been fixed over the span of several bisq releases. So just in case they are not so obvious to others or just in case they only happen to a relatively small number of installations, here they are:


As you can see, the release number collides with the progress bar.


The window title bar icon gets scrambled very quickly after bisq startup. This also is a long-term issue, and it “lives”. This is best visible upon resizing the main window.


In almost every canvas within the bisq window the widgets are placed and scaled properly according to the size of the window. This doesn’t apply to the Market / Offer Book tab:

Plenty of vertical space at hand, but the two lists are too small and have tiny scroll bars. A better placement would be to have the two large buttons stick to the bottom and have the lists dynamically resize to the available space. Like it’s done next door on the Spread tab.

So, all of the above is no drama or critical in any way. But it would be nice to have them fixed in the sense of improvements.

It is probably most effective to post any bugs as an issue on Github so devs can track it.
I think @christoph does GUI design for Bisq so maybe it is useful for him to look at this :slight_smile:

You’re right. That would’ve probably been the better choice.

Thanks for giving @christoph a heads-up :slight_smile:

Thank you for reporting it :slight_smile: