Hard to sign on the exchange


I was having hard time signing on the exchange yesterday. After multiple attempts, I made it.

Today, in the morning, I have the same problem. Its almost 45 minutes but I can’t connect to the network. It keeps on “initializing” and no luck. I tried both the regular connection and the tor network.

Any ideas or help?

Thanks to all

Bisq always runs over Tor, it has to.

Could you check that you can connect to the Tor network using the Tor Browser?
If you can’t then it might be your firewall blocking the connections to it or something.
So if the Tor browser doesn’t work then you might check your security software and allow Bisq to connect to Tor or something like that.


  1. I am signing on via Tor. It says “Initializing” and “Connecting to Tor Network.”

  2. I managed to sign yesterday, but I am unable to sign in today. so far it has been 75 minutes and it is still initializing.

  3. My transactions don’t show confirmed. First, when I click to the blockchain confirmation, it would connect and give a message “Error.” After multiple attempts, the transaction shows “unconfirmed” But I noticed there is already a discussion about it.