Have Not Received BTC 1 Month After Sending $. Mediator Not Responding

I opened a trade on April 20 and immediately sent the Zelle money transfer.

The seller did not send the BTC because my Bisq account name does not match my bank account name. I thought pseudonymous names were the point of Bisq and all that mattered was Bisq and bank email addresses matching, which mine do. I’ve completed over ~20 trades with this account setup with no problems.

Our trade went to mediation. I’ve responded to all mediator requests (and more) but it’s now been 2 weeks since I’ve heard from them. The seller has also stopped responding to me.

I feel like I’m getting ripped off.

Please help.

@MadFast Hey, I’d recommend removing that TradeID as it is personal information . :slight_smile: … Gonna take this to DMs, we’ll get this resolved :slight_smile:

Removed TradeID.

Thank you!

Hello, I hope you got this resolved already via the DMs.

Just a quick clarification: you wrote that you thought the whole point of bisq is pseudonymous names. Actually, private, peer-to-peer bitcoin to fiat trading is the goal as I understand it, with bitcoin/altcoin pairs as a secondary benefit.

In pursuit of bisq’s primary goal, bisq rules actually state that for each fiat account you set up, the account name in bisq must match what the recipient will see when they receive their fiat payment. If the account name and the fiat payment name doesn’t match, you could loose some or all of your security deposit: I’ve received partial payments of security deposits from bisq arbitrators for account name mismatches. See https://docs.bisq.network/getting-started.html#configure-a-national-currency-account.

Bisq still provides way better privacy that centralized exchanges in that the only exposure of any information is between trading peers, and an arbitrator if something doesn’t work out. But in the lion’s share of cases, its only the two parties buying or selling bitcoin.

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