Having trouble getting account signed

Hi. I’m having trouble getting my account signed. I’ve transacted with two people now, who’ve had signed accounts, and my account is still unsigned. Can someone help?

I’m a seller and I’ve tried being maker and taker. does this make a difference?

Thank you.

Hi, I’ll DM you.

I am having the same issue as the author of this original post. Do you know a fix?

The only way for an account to get signed, is to BUY at least 0.0025BTC from a signed and aged account, save some rare few issues where even when these conditions are met, the signing doesn’t occur and you are advised to delete and re-create the account (making sure the “salt” is different from the previous) and try again getting signed.
This is why you see long time sellers, with 1000+ days old accounts, who are still unsigned.

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Ok, I’m thinking I am having one of those rare issues. I bought an amount over 0.0025 BTC from a signed seller, and still nothing. I will try deleting the account and creating a new one and ensure the Salt is different.

yes, I served a case a while ago where deleting and recreating the account could get it signed