Having trouble installing windows 64 client

I have tried to download the 64 but windows client to begin using bitsuqare but after the installation it won’t load. It says that it can’t find a few files in the database. Can update with more information but was wondering if there was an easy fix to this?

It says sail to find library


And then it says

Failure to locate JNI_CreateJavaVM.

I went through multiple message boards. I do not run VPN’s or anything of that sort. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hm, seems there are some issues with some systems. can you try to run from source code?
You need to follow exactly the steps here: https://github.com/bisq-network/exchange/blob/master/doc/build.md

Otherwise try to re-install it (if u uninstall the data directory with the wallet gets removed - so do that only if you never used Bisq before).
Check if any AV software makes issues.

I originally downloaded the 32bit client. It told me that I needed to get the 64bit client so I uninstalled the data directory and had no wallet since I couldn’t run the client. I just checked the run from source code but I am on a Windows and not Linux system. Is there a run from source code for that? Thank you for your response.

Ah ok, then it is prob. related to the 32bit install. Remove both the application directory and the app data directory and try to install again. on the download page you should see the 64bit version highlighted for download.

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All fixed. Thank you for your fast response. How long does it take to initialize an connect to the tor network. Do I need my tor browser open as well?

If you use windows 10 then you can decide to reset (clean) windows and then reinstall all application. It take some time.

Thanks. I fixed the problem. But now it is stuck on the initializing screen saying connecting to tor network. Do I need to change any network settings or have Tor open. No vpns, firewalls, or bridges being used by the way.

Fixed, just don’t know how to connect. It is stuck in initializing and connect to Tor network. Is there anything else I need to do with network settings. No VPN or firewalls used. No tor bridges either. Should I run the tor browser?

I also have the connection issue and for me it help to close bisq and start it again. The 2th time it connect after 30 sec .

No you don’t need the Tor browser. I just mentioned it to double check if Tor in not blocked.

I’m getting a fatal install error for some code 108 or something. I hope this isn’t a scam.

It is not at all. Are you downloading off the official website?

@ManfredKarrer So everything is up and running fine. Is there an option to block tor so I don’t need the browser or bridges to connect since that is how I am doing it?

No P2p network goes by default via Tor (hidden service).

Hello I cant download the bisq app. It says “the application could not start up after 4 minutes. You still did not get connected to the P2P network. If you use Tor for Bitcoin it might be that you got an unstable Tor circuit. You can wait longer or try to restart”

Is Tor blocked in your environment? You can check with Tor browser to see if it is blocked.

I also tried to install the client on Windows 8, 32-bit Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktop, but fail. Got message: This App can’t run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher. what next?

I clicked ‘show details’ on the error popup box, then ‘install anyway’. Hope it goes through.

Did you download a 64 bit Windows version of Bisq by any chance?
You should be able to see the highlighted version when you go to https://bisq.network/downloads/ that fits your system, which as you say is 32 bit.

That might be the problem.