Having two Bisq installations

As the title says; is there going to be a problem in case I decide to have two separate Bisq installations, on the same drive but with a different datadir path?
Obviously without ever running them in parallel.

You can even run them in parallel as long as your RAM can make it work because they will use different user data like wallets, accounts and trades.
Use the option --appName=Bisq2 to start a new instance.

  • Name of the new directory doesn’t matter. Bisq2 was used above as an example, but you can call it whatever you like, since it’s just a temporary placeholder. You’ll be changing it back to “Bisq” anyway.


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Awesome. I see that it created a new datadir named after the appName I provided.
But what do you mean it’s just a temporary placeholder?
Now every time I want to access “Bisq2” instance and all its saved prefs I always have to run it with that specific appName, correct?

If you change the folder name to Bisqtest, to retrieve that instance, just start --appName=Bisqtest. Bisq is the default, used if no –appName option is provided and it creates a new Bisq instance if there’s none yet.