Hello! I'm Juan S. Galt. I'm the new Community Organizer


Yeah, so. Manfred and I have been in touch for probably more then a year now here and there and we knew there would be some way we could work together.

Well, here it is. I’m proud and happy to be welcomed to this great community and effort and I hope and aim to bring a lot of value to it. We’ll talk a little more about that soon, but first let me introduce my self.

I’m Juan S. Galt. I’ve been a Bitcoin, blockchain tech, Bitcoin 2.0, Freedom tech, etc, etc researcher for about 3 years now. :slight_smile:

I started in Toronto, CA, with DECENTRAL, the TO base for Ethereum and there I learnt from some very smart and eloquent people about Bitcoin, how it worked and what the market was like. I was also certified as a ‘Bitcoin Professional’ by C4, a standards and testing non profit for Bitcoin professionals. The guys behind that are Bitcoinsultants, a highly influential and busy (specially these days) Bitcoin security organization.

Anyways. It was then also that I begun writing about Bitcoin and researching it full time. It started with Bitcoin Magazine and then on to CoinTelegraph. I’ve written over all for about six or seven publications. Today tend to get published on Bitcoin.com.

I also have my own youtube channel and show which you can find here:

So yeah, I’ve been around the space for a while and have a decent grasp of the technology.

I’m not an engineer, or a coder, but more of a systems and big picture thinker. A Philosopher some would say. : )

So what’s my job?

Well, one of the top priorities as per my conversations with Manfred is to work to increase the liquidity of Bitsquare. Exchanges need trade volume, otherwise there’s no one to trade with! So yes, I’m here to help crack the chicken and the egg. :slight_smile:

To that end, I’ve designed a quick 2 minute, privacy sensitive survey to try and understand what makes Bitsquare great and where it needs to improve. (Check it out here)

Also. During the upcoming weeks I’ll be promoting Bitsquare as part of a sponsorship on my youtube channel, CoinOlympics and social media. I’ll make sure anyone that runs into my work for as long as I’m with you all, knows about Bitsquare.

Anything else? I think I’ll leave it at that for now.

Let me know if there is any way that I can help.

I’ll become more active on Bitsquare forums and social media as I continue to gear up to help take this very important and cutting edge decentralized exchange to the next level.


Juan S. Galt

Welcome, Juan! :slight_smile:

Welcome Juan. Great to have you on the team!