Help about funding my first transaction

  • To start making transactions, i need to fund my wallet.
    I am trying to understand how to get my first btc.
    I already found someone that can send me BTC.
    I just need to understand which address i need to give him.
    In Bisq: under the Funds tab:
    do i need to give him the first address (which has a BTC balance)
    or the address found under “Fund your wallet”?
  • After i give him the address, to receive BTC, my computer needs to stay always online until BTC arrive? or i can turn it off?
  • To send me funds does he needs to use Bisq? or he can send funds from any platform as long as he has my address?
    Thanks for helping

Hi !

  • in fund tab, there are a bunch of address feel free to give him any address the are all yours and can be used for fund transfer. For more privacy you can uses them just once and change.

  • BTC is a blockchain so after giving him the address you can close your PC, the payment will still execute.

  • The sender doesn’t need to use Bisq, and with a block explorer any one can see the balance of any address.

Maybe look more video on how to use bisq ?

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When you create an offer, you have to keep your PC online so the offer can be sent through the P2P network.

Bisq can be closed to receive BTC.

Thank you VERY MUCH


I am watching tutorials but i just wanted to be sure about few things.
Thanks again

Thanks Mnm
Just to be clear, I have to keep my pc online until the offer (both for buying or selling) has been taken by someone?

Yes, then you only have to connect if there’s an action required from you (paying the alt or fiat, or acknowledging that the funds have been received).