Help! Bisq not run

Hello everyone!
I downloaded and installed bisq on my pc but I did not get to connect because every time I try it appears a window that blocks it - attached a screenshot. I deleted the files mentioned and restarted several times. I have changed to personalized Tor bridges and, again, returning to the recommended one. There is no way !!! :see_no_evil:
I doubt that my internet provider blocks me and I think that, the fault is perhaps the windows x64 with which I work.
Do you know what happens and how can I solve it?
Thank you!


You can check your antivirus software then.
Perhaps you need to specify that you allow Bisq to connect to the Internet or something.
You might even need to disable your antivirus.

Hopefully one day you decide to switch to Linux and not deal with such issues anymore.

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Switch to Linux is a pending task that I have, in effect :sweat_smile:

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