Help. BTC not showing funded in wallet

As a new user, I have just funded my empty BTC wallet (so I can start trading so the deposits can be taken) from the BTC in my Coinbase wallet by entering in the Bisq wallet address to send. It has been 30 minutes and has not shown up! What issue could there be?

Has the Bitcoin transaction confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain?
Can you get a Bitcoin transaction id for us to check if it got included in a block (you can also check it yourself using a block explorer if you wish)?

Thanks for the quick response.

At first, Coinbase showed the BTC as sent, then later as pending. It JUST NOW showed up in my Bisq wallet 1 hour and a half later. (I earlier checked the Bisq wallet # at and it showed no activity.) So, I was very concerned the BTC had disappeared. The delay and confusion was on Coinbase end. This is the first and last time I will use this exchange.

So the BTC is there now and I am looking forward to using Bisq. Thanks again for offering to help out.

Yes, they probably waited some time before sending. Maybe to save money on mining fees or something.
Then once it was on the blockchain it needed some time to get confirmed, but you should have been able to see the unconfirmed transaction on the

Either way, we are glad it all worked out and that you are now part of the Bisq network.
Welcome to Bisq and I wish you happy trading! :smiley: