Help BTC transfer not showing up in Bisq wallet

It has been almost four hours since I sent the BTC, and currently has 13 confirmations on the Blockchain. I have also resync-ed SPV file, but the balance is not showing up. I do seem to be connected to 9 Bitcoin Network peers and 8 Bisq network peers and am synced with Bitcoin mainnet. I am seeing it in the transactions tab, but somehow not in the funds.

That’s very strange. By the time, keep trying after restarting Bisq and another spv resync.
If that doesn’t work, please come to Keybase to provide more info. Keybase

Tried that a second time, did not help. I tried using Ctrl+E to send funds to external wallet, now it’s stuck as unconfirmed for past three hours.

Had to resync SPV a third time to get around the unconfirmed transaction for almost 5 hours, even though my transfer fee was above the limits.