Help! Error after update

My Bisq did and update on march 11 or 12 not to sure 2020.
After the update I am unable to buy, sell or withdraw my funds.

Every time I try to do a transaction the following message appears. "You need to wait until you are fully connected to the network. That might take up to about 2 minutes at startup."

I have waited hours, restarted my computer and I still see the issue.


Hi, is this v.1.2.8? Please try v.1.2.7 instead for now.

I am running 1.2.7.

This sounds like issues with your connection. Can you try to go to SETTINGS > NETWORK INFO, click OPEN TOR SETTINGS and the DELETE OUTDATED TOR FILES AND SHUT DOWN.

It didn’t work.

What does DELETE SPV FILE AND RESYNC do? you think that might help?

It resyncs your btc wallet. I don’t think it’d be much of help here. I’ll share this post on the #support channel on the Bisq Keybase Team.

What if I uninstall and install bisq again?

Thank You.
Let me know if they say anything there.

Make sure you have a backup. This message suggest an issue with your connection though.

There was another update to 1.2.9 and that fixed the issue!!

Thanks for all the help.

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