Help needed to recover wallet

Last time I used bisq was last year about October before the upgrade.
I have been unwell since then and have not used bisq.
I cant seem to find my password and I don’t remember writing down the wallet seed.
All I have is the old version of bisq installed on my laptop.
This has the bisq files stored in .local/share/bisq and there is also a bisq backup dated 23/10/2018 stored separately.
I know I had some bitcoin left from trading in the bisq wallet but always left it there so it was quicker to start a trade.

What is the best way to proceed, is it possible to install an electrum client and use private keys from the backup or bisq files to sweep the bisq wallet into a new electrum wallet?
Install the new bisq and overwrite the new wallet files with the old wallet files?

Be careful, make a backup and try to follow this tutorial

Yeah, you can also just remove the wallet password and use alt+j to see your private keys. You can always import those private keys in Electrum or Bitcoin Core.

@alexej996 is there a cheat sheet with these shortcuts?

I don’t think so. You can search for some terms in the code though.
That way you can get a few.