Help required for new user..

I’m new to this platform and I’ve setup bisq with a western union account. There are no more bitcoin ATM’s in this part of the country, they have all been removed. I went to four listed locations yesterday and the only one with a machine still present was vandalised.

Seeing western union is a payment method for which there can be no chargebacks can anyone help me start trading without depositing the .01 btc upfront fee ???


As far as I know, trades with 0 deposit are not allowed by the software.

You may want to check localbitcoins or paxful to buy your initial btc needed for the security deposit via western union.

The 0.01 btc aren’t a fee, you will get them back once the trade is completed.

Yeah, you need some BTC for the security deposit for any trade in Bisq. There is no way around it within the software.

You can set the custom security deposit amount when creating the offer, but you will still need some BTC to start the trade.