Help! system error on publishing! BTC security taken but no listing of offer occurred!

Help. I was publishing an Offer to selll BTC for CDN. The Bisq publisher timed out. The Security funds (0.13 BTC) was taken from my wallet and was not returned when time out occurred. I missed writing down the transaction number to send it to you. It said I have to re-create my offer but I cannot fund it because the security deposit was not returned to my wallet!!! Help!!!


You can relax and be certain that your money didn’t go anywhere. Security deposits never leave your wallet until the offer is taken in the first place.

So the problem is just the UI bug of some sort. You can always access your emergency wallet with cmd+e if you need. As long as you have your wallet or know your seed words and date, your funds are safe.

what does “cmd+e” mean?

It means pressing that windows button (sometimes called something like ALT-GR) and the letter “e” on the keyboard at the same time. Alternatively I believe you can use Ctrl button instead of that special one.

Ok. So when I logged back in the funds have appeared in my available balance. However I am still a bit confused. Under “Funds” and transactions it shows that the most recent line item being December 10, 2017 "

" Withdrawn from Wallet" -0.00146668, when I click on the address it brings up another page with a QLR code and saying
0.28714968 BTC
0.00131980 BTC
0.28582988 BTC
Total received
1.83073588 BTC
Total sent
1.54358620 BTC

Expired/Double spend
+0.00020000 BTC
23 minutes ago

What does all of this mean?

It does not look like my offer was published…and since it was not why was 0.00146668 removed from my wallet?


I had publishe 8 offers to Buy bitcoin with CDN dollars and non of them had generated any interest. so I went to remove them and it said that I would only lose the listing fee but not the security fee.

Well the security fees were never returned to my wallet. How do I get these back?

I have same issue. I tried to post a sell order, I got the error message that it could not create the sell and funds have not moved. Then I find that .00162450 BTC has been sent to an address
( 1DDZW8jBJKFGPh1VAB8akP1oZkFJsYFgAk) that is not mine. What do I do ?

Here is trans ID :

Same thing happened to me, you won’t be getting that money back.

This program has a major design flaw and is essentially stealing BTC from people every time there is a system error.

My suggestion is to delete the program, transfer your BTC somewhere else and stay as far away from it as possible

Alexej996 & or Manfred, Do you have a response to this issue or is Chabates correct in his statement?

I am really unfamiliar with this issue as I am not a developer.
You should wait for the Manfred’s response, I am sure he will sort all of this out the best he can.

There were some issues recently, but there is not much that can go wrong in Bisq other then the trade fee to be spent, which has been repaid back in the past when there were software issues, tho keep in mind that most of the trade fee is just Bitcoin mining fee, but we shall see how this all gets sorted out.

Either way, you can always access your private keys if something is really going wrong, by removing the password from your wallet and typing cmd+j.

My advice is too be patient until the dev helps you out, I know that they are quite busy.

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunatly in my specific situation, the funds have actually left the wallet. Cmd+e shows same balance

Do you have Tor disabled for the Bitcoin network? If so please re-enable it because there are some issues with not enough stable Bitcoin nodes. Or change the settings (settings/network) so that you connect to the public network instead of the provided nodes (you would be exposed to privacy issues though if you do that - so I recommend to use the default Tor for BTC option).