Help - Timeout Error taker fee paid?


@honglu69 , you can reimport your old Bisq files in your new Bisq installation. This will bring you back your trades history as well.
On Ubuntu, the Bisq files are located at ~/.local/share/Bisq. Normally there is no problem importing from linux to windows.
Keep however a copy of your actuel Bisq directory (in case of). Just rename it.


I already successfully imported trade history from Ubuntu to window 10. The 2 trades, one is in
“cancel” status, which I have to pay maker fee no matter what according to bisq rule. This was my second try.
Another is in “failed” history, this was controversial “time out error” first try.

I can not dispute any of above two trades because none of them are in “pending” status. All two were charged for small fee of $1 USD each. This is what I talk about, too risky for newcomers.