Help - Timeout Error taker fee paid?

Hello all,

this is first time I used Bisq, use Ubuntu 14.04

After I fund my bitcoin account and take the order to buy bitcoin (0.03 btc) with Doge at 0.00000043 doge per btc price, I got time out error and asking me to restart Bisq, warning that I may forever lost my take fee (or whatever fee paid).

After I restarts Bisq, I can not find a way to resolve the trade issue. What should I do?


Can you post transaction ids of your taker fee and maker fee?

I think I am completed screwed up on trade. The first trade got taken about $1 transaction fee (Time Out Error):

I published my own trade, hoping that it will match and go through. It sit there doing nothings. After I realize that. I click “cancel”. But was told I can not cancel the order, because someone is taking the trade. Great if it is going through. The confirmation went through. Maker fee is taken and confirmed. Here is ID:

I got screwed up again. The maker fee is taken, but the trade status “Canceled”. Suck now I paid two fees, no trade.

If these issues can not be resolved. I would view Bisq very negatively. Maybe someone here in Bisq is into milking small little fees but no real interest in trades.

I paid two fees, no trades success so far.

Taker fee: -0.000092 BTC taken due to “Timeout error”
Maker fee: -0.00009080 BTC, Fee taken because “trade canceled”. But when I click cancel
the prompt that cancel was not allowed. Why not allowing cancel, but taken the fee and canceled?
This platform feels like a scam of fees.

If you want, you may open a dispute with alt+o (depends on your computer).
This will allow you to expose your case to an arbitrator.

(… I am rather sceptic about somebody milking 1$ fees with Bisq.)

alt+o does not work in my Ubuntu 14.04 computer. I logged in from Nomachine
3.5 remotely. tried this key in many page, status page, no where to find a button that I can start dispute.

Lost trading fees in Bisq that occurred due to software bug are always refunded, so there is no need to worry about that.

Let’s try and determine the cause of these issues first.
So now there are two offers that got taken and failed, correct?

First one you took, but got a timeout error and the trade didn’t continue?
Can you give me txid of all 3 transactions in that trade (taker fee, maker fee and deposit tx)?

As for the other one you later created, I am not sure what happened here.
Canceling offers always costs a trading fee, since those are paid when the offer is created.
This is a necessary feature to prevent spam with many invalid offers.
But it seems like someone was taking that offer when you canceled it, which might cause further issues so we should look into that as well.
Can you send txids for 3 transactions related to this trade as well?

I agree for the penalty of $1 USD for the second “cancel” was the software mistake, it should allow cancel or not, but not this way, can not cancel, but take my $1 USD. I think this is software bug costing $1 USD on the second try. But I am willing foot the bill myself for the 2nd in support of Bisq project because I like the concept behind.

But the first “time out” seems to be really wierd. Here is transaction ID:
Arbitrator: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999
Trading partner address: k5ggensj2ctlxolo.onion:9999
Maker fee transaction ID: 60a801e2410e899579ef417db98295c47db946bf18093ffed73f85071b0ff1fe
Taker fee transaction ID: aac29cb0a13c80d449642c470500a09d2f9f7ef4ff0bb2ec7f7c7361cb8ed39b

I believe I encountered a scammer. I paid taker fee, but maker fee never paid. This is one sided fee game against me.

Canceling an offer without cost would allow spaming an offer book and then canceling those offers without any cost for the spaming attack.

I am confused about the fact that maker fee wasn’t published even though the offer showed in an offer book, since to my understanding maker fee gets paid during offer creation and without it shouldn’t appear in the offer book, but I could be wrong about this aspect.

You should contact @cbeams about this and explain him your situation. He might be bit busy though, so please be patient about it.

Message sned to @cbeams explaining the issue on this thread.

This kind of one-sided scamming activities would kill off Bisq in the long run. I stumbled on Bisq couple of days ago and immediately loved the concept.

I actually started a project to list Marinecoin into Bisq in the future and I believe I can bring a lots trading volumes on Marinecoin/BTC pair if this project ends up successfully because the current F1CX exchange impose 1 million MTC purchase requirement for those airdroppers (6000+ members, each from 20,000 to 450,000 airdropped Marinecoin). Here is my Bisq/MTC listing project:

Bisq is ideal for Marinecoin because Dev and community overall does not want to pay huge fees to exchange. We also have our own exchange F1CX, but we do not want to remove limitation in order to protect Hodlers. Bisq would add some liquidity for airdroppers and plus the decentralized privacy nature of Bisq. It would be awsome if this works out well.

This probably isn’t any kind of scamming activity of the maker, there was probably just a problem with a Tor connection or something, it happens sometimes.

There really isn’t any way for a maker to profit from this issue, since a trade can not take place unless your client can verify the maker fee was published to the Bitcoin network.

Here I want to disagree here. As an outsider and newcomer, I do not know who the arbitor is. Maker could collude with arbitor, can they be same person?

Now I could be wrong here. But certainly scammers would do whatever they can if they are allowed to milk money. Ideal system should just not allow that to happen.

You are right that the ideally we shouldn’t have these issues, but it is almost certainly not a scam attempt. As I said, these connections issues unfortunately happen from time to time and the arbitrators are very high stake roles where they have a lot to lose if they would mess with trades.

If arbitrator colluded with the other trader they could have stolen your security deposit (or in case of sellers the whole trade amount) that is a lot bigger than the trade fee.

Maker fees should be paid when offer is created so this shouldn’t be possible as far as I know, but maybe @ManfredKarrer can explain this to us in more detail. It makes sense to me that a taker shouldn’t be able to see an offer where maker fee wasn’t paid.

I agree, takers should not see or transact when makers do not pay fees. This is huge concern if this can be exploited by scammers

trying “grep -i fail” on my Bisq log file to see if there was any thing wrong in two transaction, found lots of errros like connection errors and word like “failed to write envelope”. I am ok to provide developers my log file to trouble shoot my transaction issues as long as it does not expose my private key.

1/ One point which has to be considered is that Bisq works with : Bitcoin’s network + the Tor network + Bisq’s network + in P2P mode. Each of these networks may have it’s own failure reason, and the probabilities of issues are, due to the building of the whole thing, higher than for a single centralized client/server consultation.There is a tradeoff between anonymity and performances.

2/ There are normally no private data in your log files. What you may do is make a copy of the concerned log file. Isolate the time part which contains the problematic thing (no need to keep 10MB). And only send this part by mail to @ManfredKarrer. But it is better to wait for that that Manfred puts an eye here.

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OK, I will wait here. If dev comes here asking for log to trouble shoot my issues, I will be glad to provide log file.

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Successfully moved my account from Ubuntu to windwow 10 using seed word and the backed up file.
Tried to open dispute in window 10, “Ctrl + o”, “Alt + o”, “Window key + o” , none of them worked.

How can I open a dispute?`

I’m not sure, but I believe you must have the concerned trade selected (in Portfolio menu), in order to be able to open a dispute.
But I’m not sure, this must be confirmed by others.

Did you have the concerned trade selected ?

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This seems to be case that I got email from @ManfredKarrer that for a dispute to happen, the pending trade has to be in portfolio. Because there is no pending trade, I can not open up a dispute.

This platform is too risky for newcomers for a fee penalty like what I encountered. I think high fee is OK, but
paying for two fees for nothing, that does not feel good.