Help us make bisq even better!

Hi all!

We are continuing to improve bisq now more than ever and need your support. Please click through following two prototypes showing our two main use cases (Sell & Buy Bitcoin - using our current development build). As we know that some of you know the bisq client for a long time, it would be great, if you could leave your comments within the prototype of stuff you don’t like, don’t understand or just would do differently. But also if you are completely new to bisq this is your chance to walk through the process of buying and selling Bitcoin with bisq and give your unprejudiced comments.

Bob wants to sell BTC (Create Offer) -
Alice wants to buy BTC (Take Offer) -

Thanks for your support!




Great thanks @christoph!

@all: Please help with your feedback and input to get the UI and usability better! Finally we got the resource to work on improvements in that area which have be requested by many users!

I have an issue on the “Take Offer” example. When the message with the transaction fees appears I can’t do anything. Maybe I made somthing wrong. Here is the Link:

Good catch :-). The linking with Sketch was somehow broken for this screen. I just fixed it manually. Should work now again.