Help - "Waiting for blockchain confirmation" but no transaction ID

I posted an offer to purchase bitcoins which was accepted at some point while I was away from my computer. The Trade says that it is waiting for blockchain confirmation, but there is no deposit transaction ID in the box and it looks like it’s been sitting like this for about 5 hours.

I didn’t want to jump to opening a dispute and get stuck paying the fee. Can someone please advise?

Please remain patient.

For the new release v0.4.9.9 Bitsquare has raised the tx fees, so these are sufficient.

If you are on v0.4.9.8, please update after you finished all trades and closed all offers.

If you use the old version, tx confirmations might take a little longer.

If you’re on v0.4.9.9, the fees you paid are sufficient and you’re waiting for the other trader’s tx to fund the trade. The other trader most llikely used a too low tx fee in this case.

I am on If I look at the contract, the “taker fee transaction ID” has no checkmark by it, but has 33 confirmations in the blockchain (the offer fee transaction ID does have a checkmark).

I see at least one other user has posted this issue on the support forum and had to have it resolved through support. This is the post which seems identical to my issue:

I don’t think you pay any fees for opening a dispute, just for taking and creating offers.

It says if you open a support ticket for frivolous purposes like user error that you may lose your security deposit of .03 BTC. That’s why I wanted to see if it was necessary to open a ticket at this point or not, as not to lose my deposit over human error. However, based on the high number of confirmation in the blockchain for both ends of the transaction and a similar issue on the support board, I think this is a stuck transaction that will likely require human intervention.

I think you’re right. Go ahead.

Please open a dispute, a bug caused that issue. You wont lose the security deposit in such cases. Cmd (or ctrl)+o when the trade is selected opens up a support ticket.

Thanks. I have opened a support ticket (not a dispute) per the instructions in the application. Currently pending a response. I assume I should just go with the support ticket and not a dispute at this time.

Support ticket and dispute is the same basically, just different wording for different context (bugs -> support, protocol violation -> dispute). I will check soon the open disputes…

I assume you have not started the Fiat payment right?