Help. warning, the address is not correct

funds are stuck in my wallet. i go to send funds from wallet and type the address i want to send it to. i click withdraw selected. i get a warning. “the address is not correct. please check the address format”
it wont send. i tried different addresses same warning.

You speak about bitcoin addresses of course ?
Are you sure those addresses are valid ?
Did you look at them with an explorer ?
What is your Bisq version ? Which OS ?

I would assume that you are not putting a valid Bitcoin address then.
Try using Bitcoin Core as your Bitcoin wallet to generate bitcoin addresses. That should work,

ya bitcoin address. i have sent coin to those address from different wallets. ive tried multiple wallets, i have only been able to successfully send from my bisq account to one other wallet (but i dont want to send anything to that one).

windows 7 bisq 0.9.3

im setting up bitcoin core. ill see if that one works

Just don’t keep Bitcoin Core and Bisq running at the same time if you choose to set it up in pruned mode.