Help with a transaction that has gone unconfirmed for a week

Sent myself $250 in BTC last week to my Kraken account and the transaction is still unconfirmed presumably because I had a low fee set from earlier use. Anyway, Kraken wallet is empty. Bisq wallet is empty. Transaction ID is not found the block explorer. Please help.

Thank you,


If the TXID is not found at block explorers, you should ask Kraken. If you get a valid TXID and is confirmed, try a SPV resync. Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. For a while the transaction ID was found in the block explorer but now it says transaction not found. I will attempt a resync.

If the transaction is not found at block explorers, there is no use for the Bisq resync.
Ask Kraken to use higher mining fees, that transaction now is like it never happened.

So I tried to do the resync today without success. My fees were set artificially low from a tx I did a few years back when I was trying to limit fees. Anyway, it doesn’t’ show up at Kraken and the mem pool never kicked it back to my bisq wallet. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you,


Hi if you want live support you can check our the support channel on Keybase

Can you see the transaction in your Bisq > Funds > Transactions?

If so click on the Tx ID and see what it says about the status of your transaction.

Low fee transactions are currently being purged.