Hi,i want to find the arbitrator,"urlujknbe7itmiwl.onion:9999", i have a false closed trade need him to help me

I had a grin/btc trade in bisq, the dispute was closed by the arbitrator but i doesnt accept grin successful, what should i do to connect the arbitrator, the arbitrator is “urlujknbe7itmiwl.onion:9999”

This is @arbitrator1 (ping :wink: )

Hi @arbitrator1, I also have a grin dispute open–BTC buyer never sent the grin (after the price increased more than 25%). You (urlujknbe7itmiwl.onion:9999) are listed as the arbitrator, can you take a look?

Trade ID: QBJGKSC-ce060969-94d8-4a7f-b6b6-c1054bca22ea-093

Hey, Just wanted to issue a correction: @arbitrator1 was there the whole time–I just misunderstood the arbitration system and thought I was talking to the buyer. In any case, he resolved the case really well. My personal thanks to him


hey Bravo - this is happening to me right now. who was the user that did this to you? i wonder if its the same who is doing it to me