Higher conversion Bisq.io

Hello, I’m henq and new to this forum. I have been using Bitsquare/Bisq for over a year and I have not seen the growth I expected.

I revisited the bisq.io site with the mindset of a newbie and this is what’s wrong with the site, imho:

The site is product (the software app) oriented. This is understandable , because it a beautiful app. But most users want to trade, and not be bothered with ‘video’ , ‘white paper’ or ‘source’ - the first things listed on the home page(!).
The home page is a hurdle now instead of a teaser. It takes more then 10 seconds to read. “I must watch a video of more then 2 minutes to trade, wtf?” That’s the mindset of your average internet surfer.

I suggest another approach, more oriented to the way modern consumers behave: with little attention span. Go directly to the benefits: trading.

  • Make what is now ‘Markets’ the home page: the charts, the order book. (“Aha, I can trade here!”)

  • Add “Buy” and “Sell” and “Start Trading” buttons to this new home page (“Aha, I can buy & sell here!”)

  • As soon as user clicks a Buy, Sell or Start Trading button , she is lead to a simple download page with short explanation on the benefits of p2p trading and instruction. (“Shit, I have to download an app first, but okay my appetite is whetted!”)

  • All other stuff, whitepaper, source, community, etc move to other tabs.

Years of experience in setting up websites, have learned me never to over-estimate the willingness of visitors to read or click even a few times or spend time on your website. Show only the bare essentials and make the path to the Call To Action as smooth/seductive as possible.

I wish Bisq all the best !


I think that might be a good idea as well. It sounds reasonable to me. :slight_smile:

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